Green Roof Technology

For businesses and organizations looking to “go green” and save energy costs, QE has a wide range of options:

Re-cycled “Green” Resource Conserving Products

Roofs using recycled or post-consumer materials that minimize impact on the environment.

Reflective Roofing

Specifically designed to minimize the heat retained by traditional roofing material, reflective roofing lowers your attic temperature and the electricity demand of your HVAC system. Options include:

  • Asphalt-based reflective roofing — shingles with a solar-reflective base coating, as well as an infrared, UV-light-reflective pigmented outer coating.
  • PVC-based, mechanically attached flat roofing systems — lightweight white material that reflects ultraviolet light.
  • Re-cover roofing — a waste-minimizing alternative to a complete roof tear-off that still provides a solar-reflective surface on the building.

Solar Roofing

By converting solar ultraviolet light directly into electrical wattage to power a building, solar roofing can achieve the most dramatic reduction in energy costs.

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