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Residential Roofing

Quality Exteriors provides several options for residential roofing in Middle Tennessee


When it come to residential roofing, choosing the right roof is an important decision, since it provides 30%-40% of your home’s curb appeal. Our design team can help you select the style and color that works best with your home and budget while adding beauty and value. Options include:


Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt and composition shingles are sometimes called “three-tab” because they come in a strip with notches that create what appears to be three separate shingles. For a step up in quality, choose “architectural” or “dimensional” shingles. These thicker, often laminated shingles cast shadow lines like a wood shake.


QE works with the top manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed to give you the greatest selection of asphalt shingles. All are coated with a layer of mineral granules that protect the shingle from sunlight, add color and, in some cases, help resist algae, fungus and plant growth.


Metal Roofing


Metal roofing has become an attractive alternative to traditional composition shingles. It is now available in a variety of styles and designer colors to add beauty and value to your home. Plus a metal roof lasts twice as long as a conventional roof (we provide a lifetime warranty), stands up to all types of weather conditions and can lower cooling costs by 25% or more.


QE has years of experience installing metal roofing in the Tennessee area, so we understand which materials and installation techniques work best here. And unlike most roofing companies, we have our own standing seam machine, allowing us to produce custom roof panels on the job site for the best fit and quality.




Proper ventilation is not only crucial to the life and effectiveness of your roof, but helps protect your entire home. Vapors and condensation from an improperly ventilated roof can lead to hidden decay and damage your framing, siding, installation, paint and wallpaper — not to mention your roof.
Summer heat can cause attic heat buildup in excess of 160°F. A properly ventilated attic can help reduce the load on your air conditioner by moving the superheated air out of your attic before it causes damage.


Ventilation is also critical in the winter, when vapors from household appliances, bathtubs and showers can lead to excess moisture buildup that can soak attic insulation and reduce its efficiency.


QE offers the latest in venting technology including the GAF Timber-Tex Ridge Cap, which protects your home while accentuating the beauty of your roof.



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