Water, Fire and Storm Damage: What should you do first?

Understanding the basics of water, fire and storm restoration

Restoration specialists are the first responders to any household disaster.

Quality Exteriors focuses on three types of restoration — water, fire and storm — in addition to our other offerings with our sister company, Quality Restoration.

If you experience any of these types of damage, and sometimes they are related, your first call should be to your insurance agent; your second should be to a restoration expert.

The most common type of damage restoration is for water damage. Water damage doesn’t just come from floods. It can be caused by a broken pipe, a leaking roof, sewage backup, and even your dishwasher.

Water can come from anywhere and be certain where there is water damage, there is likely mold too. Even if there isn’t mold now, there will be later if you let the problem grow.

How much does water restoration cost?

The cost depends on the type and size of the water damage.

Damage from clean water costs an average of $3.75 per square foot. But it gets more expensive the dirtier the water gets. Gray water is about $4.50 per square foot and black water (that broken sewer line) can cost more than $7 per square foot.

The national average for a water restoration project is $2,700 and can reach upwards of $10,000.

That’s why you shouldn’t wait. The problem will not just solve itself.

What is the water restoration process?

First, you need to find the source of the problem and fix it. Then our restoration team will assess the situation and devise a plan of attack.

In general, our team will remove the excess water using pumps and vacuums. This, along with fixing the source of the water if necessary, is important to preventing the growth of mold in your home.

Then they dry the affected area with dehumidifiers.

Finally, repairs to are made to return your home to its rightful state.