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Gaining trust with a Franklin Roofer will work wonders with home improvement

With so many items around the house needing continual maintenance, like yard work, changing the furnace filter, or cleaning gutters, it’s easy to see how roof replacement of your Franklin home can be overlooked. What do you do if you suspect your Franklin home is in need of roof replacement? Is there anything you can do on your own to access the damage?

Roof Inspection

At Quality Exteriors, we recommend regular inspections of your Franklin home’s roof. Having a professional regularly inspect the roof and roofing shingles of your Franklin home is an easy way to know the health of your roof and to know if your home is due for roof replacement. It also prevents you from having to get up on the roof and prevents the risk of falls.

If you do decide to examine your Franklin home’s roof, here are some things you should look for. First, start by checking inside the attic of your home. Take a flashlight into the attic and look for places where the roof might be sagging or where there are signs of leaking or water damage. Also, look for spots where you can see outside light coming through the roof. These are signs that your Franklin home might be ready for roof replacement. If you see any water damage or outside light coming in, call Quality Exteriors to have one of our roofing professionals inspect the roof of your Franklin home for potential roof replacement.

Damaged roofing shingles

Next, look for damage to the roofing shingles of your Franklin home that can be seen from street level. Keep an eye out for damage to flashing and for shingles that are missing or curling. Sometimes shingles can blister or buckle. Also, be on the lookout for rot or algae growth.  If you see any of this type of damage to the roofing shingles on your Franklin home, call Quality Exteriors to have one of our professional roofing contractors come out to inspect the damage. Damage to the roofing shingles of your Franklin home may not always require full roof replacement. Our professional roofers can help you determine whether your Franklin home requires full roof replacement or simple roof repairs.

Adding regular roof inspections to your home maintenance list is important. Quality Exteriors can evaluate the health of the roof of your Franklin home and let you know if roof replacement is in the future. Call our office today at (615) 216-6455 to have one of our Franklin roofers to visit your home for a replacement evaluation.