Roof repair evaluation should be top of mind during storm

Roof repair evaluation should be top of mind during storm

Contacting insurance company and roof repair specialist are key during early stages of a storm


With the recent surge of storms in the Southeast region including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, many are faced with difficult decisions that revolve around their home. While many have faced flood damage, there are also those who have experienced high winds and other exterior damage to their home.

In Middle Tennessee areas such as Murfreesboro, Franklin or Nashville, the chance of high winds, trees, hail and other debris damaging your roof are always present.

When a storm occurs, it is always best to visually check your roof and to see if there is any damage that is visible to the common eye. If something looks suspicious, it is a good idea to take note and contact your insurance company or a local roofing professional.

Hail and Storm Damage

If there a storm took place with large hail or high winds, it is best to check after all has passed. Hail damage can be in the form of a small depression on the surface of the shingles. There may be several spots in one area and a roof inspection can locate them immediately.

With high winds, trees and other debris can damage a roof. If a tree has hit your roof, there can be structural damage as well so it is important to get a proper first look at the incident.

Water Damage

During a storm, water damage is a common theme not only among flooding but also roof damage. As shingles are ripped away, the sub-roof is exposed and leaks can occur. Visually check spots such as the attic, walls and other areas that may be near the upper portion of the home.

As a homeowner, it is important to act quickly and understand the importance of a proper inspection and roof repair. Straight line winds can increase rapidly and can do severe damage to a home’s exterior and roof. Quality Exteriors is one of the largest insurance restoration contractors in Tennessee and specializes in handling wind and hail insurance claims, At Quality Exteriors, our team works directly with major insurance companies to assess damage to help ensure you receive a fair settlement.